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The Computer Museum of America (CMoA) opened its doors in July 2019 with over 250,000 artifacts, including the largest collection of CRAY supercomputers. The Children's Museum in Atlanta underwent a major makeover in 2016 and houses Apple artifacts including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, iPhone 5S and iPad Pro.

In a project that has been running for decades, the museum wants to inspire visitors with a history of computer innovation that touches everyday life. The museum's collection includes a wide variety of collected and donated materials, tracing back to Senoia's birth in 1860 and the early days of the civil war in Georgia and beyond. Resources include a collection of Confederate and Union uniforms and replicas of the Georgia Infantry that served in Fayette County, Georgia during the war. You can see the Confederate or Union uniform at the Newnan Georgia Museum of History and Culture in Atlanta.

A very special part of the museum is the history project kiosk, where visitors can enjoy a story about Senoia's life and her role in the Civil War. Visit, call the Chambers or visit the Newnan Georgia Museum of History and Culture's Facebook page for more information.

Most of my friends in Atlanta know this list of museums well, but if you're new to the city or on vacation, welcome to the new museum tour of the Newnan Georgia Museum of History and Culture! I am proud to be an ambassador of the Atlanta Metro Travel Association in this post about museums in Atlanta. We work with AMTA to provide you with the latest information on all museums and attractions in the Atlanta metro area. I hope this list lists all the amazing museums around Atlanta that will help you navigate the city while enjoying unique educational attractions that will bring a smile to your children's faces.

The museum was founded in 1926 and currently consists of six permanent exhibitions, including the Georgia Museum of History and Culture, as well as two temporary exhibits. The museum has been awarded for its extensive collection of antique clothing and also includes a large exhibition of Civil War artifacts. As a treat for film fans, the museum offers extensive collections, including exhibitions on African-American representations.

The Marietta Historical Museum also offers a full programme, events and special exhibitions throughout the year. Veterans volunteer at the museum and you are welcome to wander through the collections in peace. The museum is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. and is open for guided tours during the summer months. If you want to visit the aquarium on a day trip, you should also check out the special programs of the aquarium.

Go south on South Greenwood Street, turn left and cross the railroad tracks on the right on Miller Street and you will find the cemetery on the right or left or go south and turn left on Miller Street.

The cemetery on Farmer Street, which was one of the largest slave cemeteries in the South, houses a museum housed in a restored shotgun-style house. Located in Heritage Park, the museum houses a variety of exhibits on the history of the Georgian Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement. The facility houses a number of historical artifacts from the Georgia Historical Society's collection, including photographs, artifacts and other Georgia State University memorabilia. The museum is perfect for aviation fans as it highlights the historical importance of aviation in Georgia and its role in the history of civil rights.

The Southeastern Railway Museum at 60 East Broad Street in Newnan is a great place to ask questions about the history of Georgia Southern Railway and its history in Georgia. The historic depot was built for both passenger and freight traffic and is now operated by the Newnamans Coweta County Historical Society. You can visit the depot by appointment, but if you ask us, it is worth a visit alone.

Sagebrush Ranch is an interactive gallery where children of all ages can learn about Western American art through interactive galleries. The museum currently has a collection of more than 100,000 artworks and artifacts, but there are plans to expand the collection through loans and donations from community members. There are many ideas for redesigning the house, Olsen said, and people would also like to offer more virtual museum tours online. Chambers would be pleased if the museum could not only receive more objects from the community, but also take in loans from other museums.

The Newnan Georgia Museum of Natural History, the state's oldest museum, is a place to explore Georgia's history not only on your own, but in other ways as well.

There are a number of photographs depicting the progress of the Holocaust, which may be too much for children, but the theatre plays films that focus on this captivating time. They also have a traveling exhibition that is very child-friendly, and there is even a museum that combines the Georgia Museum of Natural History and the Georgia State University Museum of History.

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