Newnan Georgia Events

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The main house is available on the day of the wedding, and the Vinewood Stables wine stable also offers its own catering service for the event.

The park even offers screened-off accommodations - in Adirondack - for families and groups looking for a unique camping experience. Campers have the option to stay within the boundaries of the park, although most of the parks have been largely left in their natural state.

Reservations for a campsite are not required, but paddlers can tie the boat to a ramp or rail and bring it to the campsite.

The boat ramp offers easy access to the water, while more than six kilometers of wooded trails are open for hiking, nature experience and photography. Other features include a small stream, a creek bed and a trailhead for kayaking and canoeing. There is a 15 mile bridge over Highway 16 and paddlers can wish to go on a spin in their kayaks, canoes, paddle boards or even a kayak or canoe.

The children's educational shows, organized in partnership with the Coweta County school system, are interesting for children. The voluntary, non-profit theatre also offers summer and holiday theatre camps where children learn to design and build sets, design characters, write sketches, put on stage make-up and even present shows. In addition, the theatre offers a youth programme, which also includes a group of young actors called XTras. Seats are available, but reservations for the summer theatre camp and summer camp programs must be made in advance.

The park is located in a graceful curve of the Chattahoochee River and is a paradise for paddlers, campers and anglers. The circular cabins are provided by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources and there are a variety of outdoor activities including kayaking, canoeing, fishing, hiking and kayaking. Lynch Park is located between Wesley Street and Richard Allen Drive and is accessible to all ages and abilities, from children 5 years and older to adults.

The stable has a built-in bar area, a sports hall, an indoor swimming pool and a fitness centre. Other attractions that children can enjoy include a playground, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts and other outdoor activities. Since its completion in the 1980s, the Newnan Theatre has presented plays in their present state - the Art Building. The 1,000-seat theatre is housed in a 48,000 square metre building that also includes an art gallery and an auditorium.

Westgate Park has a small fenced-in baseball and softball field, and other play equipment is available at Newnan Park and Recreation Center and West Gate Park. Other playgrounds and equipment are available in the park, as well as tennis courts and basketball courts.

Covering 2,910 hectares, protected by a five-mile river promenade, Chattahoochee Bend is one of Georgia's largest parks, and covers 86 hectares, making it Georgia's largest river park and the second largest in the state. With a total area of 1.8 million square feet and a population of more than 3,000 people, it is Georgia's fifth largest state park.

Vinewood Stables is located on the east side of the Chattahoochee River, in the heart of Chattanooga, Georgia, north of Atlanta.

The interior once housed sixteen stables and has since been opened for any kind of event you can imagine. From the interior of the main house to the gardens and grounds, the attention to detail will impress guests on any special day. The foyer of the stable preserves the original brick floors from the early 20th century, as well as the old brick walls and ceilings.

A fireplace nestled in the field in front of the stables becomes the perfect place for a reception as dusk approaches. The Vinewood wedding tree is ideally located to provide ample shade for guests while allowing the sun to cast a speckled light as it sets on the horizon. This date and the date on which it serves as a work of art offer a perfect charm for any autumn wedding.

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More About Newnan